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Don Thompson

Don Thompson : Founder

About Don Thompson

Don Thompson brings over 35 years of well diversified industry experience, specializing in specific areas of expertise for Digital Transformation, Data Consolting, corporate growth and exit strategies with an emphasis on increasing revenues and profits. He has a proven track record of achievements, Don has significantly contributed to the growth and success of numerous companies. From established companies of just a few years, to bigger organizations with several hundred employees


Having spent most of his life in Asia, Don has fine-tuned IT companies as an engineer, advancing to tech lead and CTO, leading organizations with employee numbers bigger than 700. He created and exited several startups, and has runs multiple consulting companies as CEO.


Don shares his insights on how industry is evolving and his strategic vision for driving success. His leadership is focused on key goals or initiatives and we believe Ooyo can truly get you out of any rut you may be in and get you trailblazing to bigger revenues and higher percentage profits.

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